Galleon Trade is a series of international arts exchange projects, focusing on the Philippines, Mexico, and California. Taking the historic Acapulco-Manila galleon route as its metaphor of origin, these exhibitions seek to create new routes of cultural exchange along old routes of commerce and trade.

Galleon Trade should not be seen as a single exhibition: it is entirely about reciprocity and gathering momentum, to create a road map that will make future arts alliances and exchanges like this much easier. Starting in Manila, but continuing to California, Mexico and beyond, Galleon Trade will facilitate further discussions between artists, curators, gallerists and scholars from all 3 places to explore strategies for sustainable exchange.

Galleon Trade I comes to the Mag:net Galleries and Green Papaya Art Projects in Metro Manila, Philippines, from July 24 to August 16 2007. The Luggage Store Gallery will host Galleon Trade II for 2008, which will bring Mexican and Filipino artists to California. Galleon Trade III sails for Mexico for in 2008/2009.

The Galleon Trade project aims to prove that grassroots international arts exchange can be done outside of mainstream institutions: it will be critical as a new model and template for how this can manifest creatively.

Many thanks/maraming salamat/muchas gracias/ to UCIRA, Pacific Rim Research Program, UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice and Art Matters Foundation for their support of Galleon Trade.

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