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Online Gallery Complete!

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

All Artists and Online Preview Gallery items are now complete.
Click on the highlighted titles below to preview art in our Ship Launch! June 30 event .
Works are also listed in the “PAGES” side bar as “AUCTION GALLERY.”

Early bidding/proxy bidding has begun
: minimum bid increase is $20.

Auction Gallery 1-10:
Auction Gallery 11-20:
Auction Gallery 21-30:
Auction Gallery 31-40:

A detailed list of artists is just a couple of posts below.

Please email Wofford (jkwofford at hotmail dot com) with your questions and bids.
If you would like someone to proxy bid for you the night of the event, please let Wofford know
1: which piece you are interested in
2: what your maximum bid would be.
Early bids/proxy bids will be processed until 12:00 noon, June 30. After that, it’s all live, baby…

Presenting: Your Galleon Trade DJs

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

It may not quite be sundown when Ship Launch gets going, but please don’t let that stop you from doing some booty shaking.

Rationale #1:
Somewhere in the Philippines or in Mexico, it’s dancing time.
Channel an appropriate time-zone, and get to it.
Rationale #2:
You may not be able to restrain yourself anyway, with the
mighty Joe Franko
and the mighty Joe Quixx as your DJs for the evening!

We’re seriously honored to have these two phenomenal DJs on board.
Prepare yourself now, and check out links to their myspace pages below:


Franko (aka “Alta Fidelidad”)

Joe Quixx


It’s so on, we don’t know what to do with ourselves!


Preview Gallery Guide

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Click on the highlighted titles below to preview art in our Ship Launch! June 30 event .
Works are also listed in the “PAGES” side bar as “AUCTION GALLERY.”

Early bidding/proxy bidding has begun: minimum bid increase is $20.
Please email Wofford (jkwofford at hotmail dot com) with questions and bids.
If you would like someone to proxy bid for you the night of the event, please let me know which piece you are interested in, and what your maximum bid would be. Early bids/proxy bids will be processed until 12:00 noon, June 30. After that, it’s all live, baby.

Auction Gallery 1-10:
1. Mike Arcega
2. Amy Balkin
3. Lindsay Benedict
4. Ali Dadgar
5. Renee Delores
6. Reanne Estrada -early bidding has begun on this piece
7. Michael Hall*1st work (2nd work in Auction Gallery 31-on)
8.Kara Hearn
9. Jesse Houlding
10. Misako Inaoka

Auction Gallery 11-20:
11. Bill Jenkins
12. Susanna Kwan
13. Kenneth Lo -early bidding has begun on this piece
14. Joe McKay
15. Mail Order Brides/M.O.B.
16. Julio Cesar Morales new work in Auction Gallery 31-40
17. Indira Morre
18. Domingo Nuño
19. Gina Osterloh *2 works–1 work with early bid
20. Johanna Poethig

Auction Gallery 21-30:
21. Carlo Ricafort
22. Michael Salamida
23. Megan Wilson *3 works
24. Jenifer Wofford *2 works both works swooped/sold!
25. Christine Wong Yap *2 works
26. Favianna Rodriguez *2 works, 1 work with early bid
27. Emily Sevier
28. Erik Scollon
29. Aaron Noble
30. Mario Ybarra, Jr.

Auction Gallery 31-40:
31. Carolyn Castaño
32. Jaime Cortez
33. Renee Gertler
34. Stephanie JT Russell
35. Masako Miki
36. Julio Cesar Morales *new auction piece -early bidding has begun on this work
37. Stephanie Syjuco -early bidding has begun on this piece
38. Michael Hall *2nd work
39. Joni Daher
40. Brett Cook-Dizney

All Artists and Online Preview Gallery items are now complete.
Minimum bid increase is $20.
Please email Wofford (jkwofford at hotmail dot com) with questions, early bids and proxy bids until 12:00 noon, June 30.

Preview Gallery is going up!

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Phew! The online preview gallery for the June 30 silent art auction is finally going up!
Takes a lot of work to put this together, y’all. Little did I know.

There will be approximately 40 works altogether. I will keep adding pages as artists continue providing me with their information.

Please refer to the “PAGES” links at the upper right to preview all Auction Gallery items.
And please feel free to email me (jkwofford at hotmail dot com) with any inquiries.

Details about procedures for proxy bidding and “Swoop on it now!” are forthcoming this week. Sit tight. It’s-a-happening.


quick auction update!

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Ship Launch!, Galleon Trade’s June 30 event, features a silent art auction. All of the art will be made available for preview right here at Shipping and Receiving. If you’re interested in work, but unable to attend the event, we will have a system in place for proxy bidding/buying immediately by June 20. Stay tuned!

Artists confirmed thus far (with a full list, including images of work, up by June 20) are: Mike Arcega, Amy Balkin, Lindsay Benedict, Ali Dadgar, Renee Delores, Kara Hearn, Jesse Houlding, Misako Inaoka, Bill Jenkins, Ken Lo, Joe McKay, Mail Order Brides/M.O.B., Julio Morales, Indira Morre, Gina Osterloh, Michael Salamida, Johanna Poethig, Emily Sevier, Jenifer Wofford, Christine Wong Yap. This is roughly 1/2 of what we anticipate: we’re just waiting on some confirmation letters and details from our friends!

Launching the Galleon: Party and Fund-Raiser

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

Saturday, June 30 2007
6 – 10pm
Oakland, CA

Please join all manner of pirates, bootleggers and scurvy knaves for Galleon Trade: Ship Launch!,
one hell of a land-locked fund-raising party and art auction.

Galleon Trade is out to make the Pacific Ocean seem smaller, by creating a sustainable template for innovative new kinds of grassroots arts exchange. We’re starting by forging artsy new relationships between California, the Philippines and Mexico. You’re starting by coming to our party, and having some good clean fun, dancing, eating things, drinking things, enjoying/bidding on art.

When and Where’s the Ship Launch?

Event: 6:00-10:00PM
Silent Auction: 6:00-9:00 PM

The Tribune Press Building storefronts
410 12th St (between Broadway and Franklin)
1 block from 12th St Downtown Oakland BART!
Oakland CA 94607

What’s going to happen there?
Oh, goodness. All manner of fun, including

  • Food and Drinks (featuring a number of Filipino dishes, as well as The Galleon, a brand-new East Bay cocktail!):
  • DJs and plenty of other entertainment to keep you occupied on a warm, sweet East Bay summer evening! There will likely be some dancing to be done.
  • A silent art auction featuring affordable work by many of the Galleon Trade artists and their high-powered artist friends!
  • The opportunity to experience the lovely historic Tribune Press Building before its new tenants move in!

How much is all of this fabulous fun?
A mere $10. More, if you’re feeling generous. Less, if you’re in a tight spot.
Food’s on the house, drinks by donation.

What if I can’t attend?
Galleon Trade accepts web donations via Paypal at
For the Art auction, early bidding/proxy bidding by email/phone also welcomed:
Details and online gallery to follow shortly right here at Shipping and Receiving (aka Galleon Trade News).

Where do my pesos go?
All proceeds support the multi-year Galleon Trade project, which is building new templates for grassroots, international, trans-pacific arts exchange. Phase 1 of the project brings 12 California artists to Manila, Philippines this July!

For details and participants, please visit:

Primary Contact:
Jenifer Wofford
510 872 1759 jkwofford(at)hotmail(dot)com

Galleon Trade: An Introduction

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Hi. Wofford here.

Shipping and Receiving is the news blog for Galleon Trade.
I thought I’d start you off with some background on our project.

Having spent time in Manila over the years and having been deeply inspired by the vibrancy of its arts community, I’ve dreamed about seeing more arts exchange happen between Manila and California for a while now.

In 2006 I had a solo show at Future Prospects in Manila, and also organized Manila Envelope, a show of work by my Manila artist-friends, for UC Berkeley’s Worth Ryder Gallery and Honolulu’s thirtynine hotel art space. Last summer, Rock Drilon of Mag:net Galleries also asked me to curate a show for their spaces, which is when the opportunity to realize Galleon Trade began. Lucy Burns of UCLA was enthusiastic about the project, and has since signed on as co-organizer.

Galleon Trade is the next phase of what I envision as a more ambitious, sustainable forum for trans-pacific arts alliances. (San Francisco’s Luggage Store Gallery will host Galleon Trade II, a subsequent future show of Mexican and Filipino artists, and we’ll get cranking on a Mexico venue for Galleon Trade III shortly, as well.)

It’s been really fun expanding the long-term vision for Galleon Trade. Initially, this project was motivated by a pretty simple desire to get more arts exchange happening with the Philippines, but it’s growing before my eyes into something bigger, and far more long-term than I would ever have imagined.

Galleon Trade I (heading to Manila in July!) features 12 innovative California-based artists whom I admire greatly. Their work ranges across numerous disciplines and conceptual practices. I invited them based on the quality and thoughtfulness of their art, their willingness to play inventively with the show’s theme, and their enthusiasm for going to Manila as unofficial arts ambassadors. It’s one thing to just have a show, another thing to make new friends and forge new creative coalitions. That’s what this “Trade” thing’s about, at its core: beyond just bringing the art, the value in bringing artists to connect and exchange with other artists is priceless.

To this end, there will be an associated series of lectures, salons and special events at local spaces during week 1 (roughly July 24-31). Finalized venue information is on the EVENTS page.

Some Context:

The Acapulco-Manila galleons were the legendary Spanish trading ships that sailed the Pacific between Manila , Philippines and Acapulco, Mexico from 1565 to 1815. The Spanish were the first Europeans to attempt to colonize the Philippines: their initial route was a one-way trip from Acapulco to Manila, until they discovered a viable route back across the Pacific via north-easterly trade winds and currents to California. The ships then followed the coastline south to Acapulco. The route became known as the “nao de la China”, or “the ship of China”: though the Philippines provided some products, it was goods and valuables from China and the Spice Islands which made the galleon trade so lucrative. Europe and the New World’s appetite for these Far East products was insatiable. China, in turn, coveted silver from the New World mines, which westbound galleons were loaded with.

Why “Galleon Trade”?

While the actual trade route clearly involved China and Spain directly (and also included stops in Louisiana), “Galleon Trade”, as a contemporary response to post-colonial and global concerns, has chosen to focus more on the relationships between California, Mexico and the Philippines. And while US arts awareness and exchange does occur with well-to-do European nations such as Spain, and industrialized, art-market-friendly Asian nations such as Japan, Korea and China, exchange with less economically stable Southeast Asian nations such as the Philippines is shockingly rare. The potential for exchange and new opportunities for dialogues across the Pacific Ocean is enormous, and untapped.

California, Mexico, and Philippines share tremendous historical and cultural connections, but these have rarely been acknowledged in a creative setting. These post-colonial histories, contemporary transnational relationships, globalization, religious-, and commercial concerns all provide ample inspiration for creative output and dialogue across multiple communities. Statistically, Mexicans are the largest immigrant presence, and Filipinos are the largest or 2nd largest Asian immigrant presence in the USA, particularly in California. Despite these numbers, both groups have limited- to no representation in the US media, politics or the arts. Given California’s position as the primary locus of these two groups, it seems essential to open as many pathways to exchange and understanding as possible.

California, Mexico, and the Philippines also share thriving artist-run galleries and arts communities, despite respective economic challenges and lack of conventional/institutional arts funding. Galleon Trade aims to prove that grassroots international arts exchange can still occur despite such challenges: it will be critical as a new model and template for how this can manifest creatively.