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Galleon Trade at Bay Area Now 5

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Galleon Trade takes a pleasantly unexpected detour, en route to future destinations!

The Bay Area Now 5 triennial opens at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts this July 19, and Galleon Trade is part of the party! (We’re arriving fashionably late, though–Galleon Trade: Bay Area Now 5 Edition doesn’t open until Sept 4.)


YBCA curators invited proposals from artists to sub-curate special projects for Bay Area Now. They selected GT organizer Jenifer Wofford’s proposal to play match-maker, pairing several of the Bay Area-based Galleon Trade artists who traveled to Manila last year, with several of the artists they had met there.

From the official wall text at YBCA:

Galleon Trade is a series of international arts exchange projects, focusing on the Philippines, Mexico, and California. Spanish Galleons sailed trade routes between Acapulco and Manila (by way of California) from 1565 to 1815. Taking the historic Acapulco-Manila Spanish galleon route as its metaphor of origin, these exhibitions seek to create new routes of cultural exchange along old routes of commerce and trade.

The project began in summer 2007, when Galleon Trade I brought artists and work from California to Metro Manila, Philippines. Future incarnations of this project will be hosted by San Francisco’s Luggage Store Gallery and another space in Mexico.

Galleon Trade: Bay Area Now 5 Edition addresses the deeply transnational ties between the Bay Area and the Philippines by pairing artists from both places. It features work by local artists Jaime Cortez, Megan Wilson, Johanna Poethig, Gina Osterloh and Christine Wong Yap, all of whom were members of the contingent that went to Manila in 2007, and met many local artists. In the spirit of the transpacific “trade” of Galleon Trade, these 5 artists were paired up with Manila artists Maria Taniguchi, Poklong Anading, Norberto “Peewee” Roldan, MM Yu, and Yason Banal. Their works are in direct conversation with each other, each artist’s unique practice enriching and resonating with another’s.

Galleon Trade sails again: more details and updates soon to follow!

Best wishes to Traders Johanna, Peewee, Jaime, Maria, Christine, Yason, Megan, Poklong, MM and Gina as they prepare their amazing work for this next port of call!

And even though Galleon Trade: Bay Area Now 5 Edition doesn’t open until September 4, please come to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts this Saturday July 19th for the big kick-off party (buy your tickets early!)

July 19-November 16
*Opening Night Party July 19 8 pm!!
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
701 Mission Street, San Francisco CA